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Letter & Number Balloons

Can you make a balloon garland to spell "__________"?

Sure! We sell the letters and numbers individually, so all you need to do is add each letter in your phrase to your cart and checkout as normal. Our shipping is calculated by weight, so shipping will automatically be calculated for your specific order when you checkout. These links will help you find letters in matching color and size in our Etsy shop:

Any letter/number that is not listed is backordered and should be available again within 1 week.


Will these balloons float with helium?

16" Letters and Numbers, and the 34" Hashtag (#) balloons will NOT float with helium. They must be inflated with air (straw is included with the order) and tied up with string, twine, or ribbon. The balloons have tabs/loops to make this easy. You shouldn't need any extra tools.


Jonathan Knox