Gender Reveal Balloons

Are Your Gender Reveal Balloons Biodegradable?

Yes! Both the confetti and the balloon are biodegradable. Please keep in mind that just because something is biodegradable, doesn't mean it isn't littering to leave it in a public space. The products don't dissolve immediately, so please don't pop the balloon in a place you wouldn't leave an empty Starbucks cup.

Can I Order the Balloon Without Knowing Which Color is Inside?

No. If you order a pre-filled version, the packaging will show which color is inside the balloon. We usually recommend asking a friend or family member (that’s good at keeping secrets) to order the balloon and have it inflated if you want to have the balloon pre-filled. Alternatively, you could order the option where you receive packets of each confetti color and have your friend fill the balloon with the correct color.