Small Letter Balloons

My script letters are mixed sizes!

The balloons are measured BY APPROX. HEIGHT. If you have script letters that are a mix of 14” and 24”, this is normal. A lowercase “b” is taller than a lowercase “o”, for instance. 14” and 24” letters are all part of the same set. Pinky swear.

I got the wrong letters

Trust the packaging. The balloons change shape when they’re inflated. When deflated, “B” looks like “C”, “O” looks like “U”, “P” looks like “J”, etc. If the letter is correct on the packaging, please fully inflate the balloon first. If the letter or color on the package is incorrect, do not open anything and please contact us ASAP.

How to Inflate

Do not use helium. Please be careful when inserting the straw! Otherwise you may rip the valve, and this is unfixable. You shouldn’t have to use excessive force. Defective valves are extremely rare, so if you have more than 1 balloon that won’t inflate, look carefully at the valve. You should see a bit of clear plastic (it will usually have a black mark on it). Insert the straw underneath the clear plastic, and you should be able to blow air into the balloon.